We have shared this parking lot with our neighbors for years. We’ve had common water and sewer plus we’ve paved and maintained it.

Regardless of what we each feel are our legal rights and responsibilities. We will be in the courts for years, by the time it’s resolved the new Gateway Center will have long been opened.

We have attempted to contact the Church to seek a resolution and we’re prepared to either rent or buy the property for fair market value. Problem solved

The building is substandard. Bringing it into compliance especially with the water and sewer issues will be lengthy and costly. Theirs also major issues with storm water run off and drainage.

The lot is small. Even without the building it won’t accommodate many Tents , cars or RV’s

The entrance and exit is into a busy commercial street with no sidewalks. Large commercial vehicle use this street constantly from Dawn till Dusk.

Theirs a school up the road less than 600 yards away.

Many businesses like ours are opened way early often by our pretty much all female staff. No offense to anyone but that already gives us concern.

Broadway is about to become even busier as the new Sunport exit opens and they begin work on the other exits to our North.

We’re the closest restaurant to the major movie studios. We want our filmmaker friends to see us at our best and enjoy our home cooked non chain food.

We’re a tradition here. Particularly on weekends. The last thing we need is less parking !

Our neighbors are concerned with more foot traffic on this busiest of side streets. This little cul de sac pays hundreds of thousands maybe even millions in tax and employs hundreds. Someone needs to pay taxes to keep the city/county/state running.

Look around us. Their are many better places for this safe place. The nearest grocery is elk over a mile away. Theirs traffic and other safety issues. People facing housing challenges shouldn’t be hidden away and warehoused. Down the street closer to downtown their is property close to stores and next to the police substation. That’s a safer space

Finally like any restaurant we’ve been through our challenges for the last few years. The Church has kit had a congregation or any activity. We’ve served outside in the heat , the cold , snow and sun and we’ve kept our prices as low as we can go through it all. Theirs many places that simply gave up. We didn’t and we won’t.

Thanks for listening